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Welcome to NatchWerds, the blog of Natchet Taylor. Tour journals, Lyrics, News, adventure blogging, travel, and music. Find it all here in this scrap heap of the written word or search by categories.

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Lyrics are important to me. I’d often read them in the liner notes as I played my favorite records. And even in this Internet age, it can be difficult to find the official lyrics. So, for posterity, I offer this trove.

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Thanks for stopping by the blog. Did you want to go to the actual Official Natchet Taylor Music Website? Well, click here and follow along!

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About This Scrap Heap…

(AKA About this Site): The blood-stained pages of a boy driven by Rock N’ Roll. A written record with no particular audience in mind; chronicling the works, events, thoughts, rants, musings, and insanity of a musician on the Highway To Gone.

This is a temple to the sacred act of scribing words. A gallery for their display. An archive for their preservation. A tomb for their bones…

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